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A professional level of mastery of photo art is necessary for doing business in this industry, but if you disregard the skills of promoting your business, this is the road to nowhere.

It’s no secret that many photographers have a very limited budget. Even in our digital age, equipment is still quite expensive; the maintenance of the studio entails financial expenses for rent, utilities, props and much more.

Creating a successful marketing strategy for the photographic business

Digital marketing is cheap, but …

Each professional photographer has a website with a portfolio of the best works, a profile and page on Facebook and Instagram, probably also an account on LinkedIn and Flickr / 500px. So, why is having your own website so important?

Having a website means that your work will appear in search results (especially if you optimized your site for local search).
The website allows you to show all your best photos.
The site is part of the brand, it will establish trust in you and the confidence of potential customers.
The website gives you the opportunity to provide customers with detailed information about servants.
Of course, a Facebook page is great, but you are limited in what Facebook allows you to show.
Social networks are just as important. Regular publication of new works can take a lot of your time. One way to make social media marketing more effective is to plan ahead for your publications using SMM applications such as Buffer or PIXBUF. This allows you to allocate only one morning or day to work on developing a personal brand and creating posts on social networks, and then plan their release at the same time every day or with some other regularity.

Being “noticed” and reaching a large number of subscribers is a long way; it will require a large amount of time and effort, which you may simply not have. However, promotion at the local level with the right approach can give better results, more business and more income. At the same time, this should not punch a huge hole in your personal budget.

So, let’s deal with simple tips for promoting a business in the field of photography that do not require large financial contributions, which you can start using in your work right now.

Do charity work

Find nonprofits you believe in. You can offer them your services for free. If a charity organizes a fundraising event, offer your services for free. Your work will be mentioned and used in the next brochure or marketing package along with thanks to you.

Make your business card unique

The business card itself is quite small, it should not contain anything other than your name, address, phone number, link to a website and, possibly, some catchy slogan. And about the reverse side of the business card – you can just put small versions of two of your best works on it.

Become an authority

You may have a portfolio site, but have you ever thought about creating your own blog? You can write articles about the art and science of photography. Help novice photographers, share tips, etc. Consider creating online courses. Try yourself as a guest speaker in high school or college / photojournalism classes. And don’t forget to give out business cards.

Seek cooperation opportunities

Creating a successful marketing strategy for the photographic business

Look for related businesses nearby. If you take a lot of pictures on the street, think about whether there is a fishing and hunting merchant in your city or somewhere nearby? You can arrange a shoot, a photo with which he could use for his promotion.

Alternatively, you can also establish relationships with local wedding agencies and arrange for them to shoot. Photos can be used in all your marketing materials with attribution. If you have parties for children’s birthday, anniversary celebrations, etc., collaborate with catering establishments, holiday supplies suppliers and do the same. And such cooperation will bring you referrals in the future.

Also placing your name and / or link to the website under the photos is a great way to increase interest in services (as described below)). This may seem like a far-fetched idea, but once such a practice was in the hotel industry. Local artists often offer their work for free accommodation in exchange for the opportunity to sell it to hotel guests.

Remember that the key to a successful partnership in a photography marketing strategy is that both parties get something from working together. Help other people grow their business and they will do the same for you.

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