Let's take a closer look at the aspect ratios of the photo together with professional…

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What is exposure
Shutter speed is the time that the camera captures the image. When photographing, light is…

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RAW converter
Modern digital photography is very much associated with image processing programs. Sometimes, just the photo…

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particular difference


A decentralized lens contains one or more elements of an optical lens that are either shifted or tilted from its main axis. Such a shift or tilt of the lens elements can potentially lead to blurring / softness of parts of the image due to the divergence of light rays. While in many lenses you can observe very slight decentration of the optical elements, especially on super zoom, strong decentration and tilt can make the whole image blurry, because the lens cannot achieve good sharpness over the entire frame.

It is always useful to check the lens before buying, even if it is brand new. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of manufacturers to manufacture each lens, many things may go wrong once you get your copy. In some cases, this is the manufacturer’s fault (poor quality guarantee / low standards), and in some cases it’s the fault of some guy who casually throws a box with a lens during transportation. Unfortunately, these conditions can negatively affect the operation of the lens and create all kinds of problems. Decentration of lens elements is one such problem, as photographer Nasim Mansurov talks about in a blog post. Continue reading


Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki is one of the most controversial, complex and interesting photo artists of our time. It is unusual even for native Japan, not to mention the Western world. The main stereotype that accompanies all his work is pornography and scandalousness, but Araki is much deeper than superficial shocking.

This is a real follower of the traditions of his native island – in this case, the traditions of erotic engravings ukiyo-e, which inspired another famous Japanese photographer Eiko Hosoe. Works in which it is difficult to feel the transition from languid eroticism to bandage, pornographic “pictures” are consonant with the aesthetics of shung. To accept them, especially during the years of the rule of public puritanism, was difficult.

Because of his work, the photographer constantly gets fines and even gets to the police. In 1988, the magazine “Sasin Dzidai” published the photographer’s work, which was considered frank and illegal pornography and seized the entire circulation. The publication closed, and Nobuyoshi Araki testified for a long time in the precinct. This did not stop him, as did the scandals that regularly occur in Japan and the West – activists regularly oppose him. Continue reading

Stop the time. Short exposure.

When photographing moving objects, it is possible to ‘stop’ them with the help of a photograph and see all the dynamics of movement at ‘stop pause’. Such pictures almost always look very interesting and unusual, since in real time the human eye does not see what can be seen in the freeze frame.

The easiest way to get ‘freeze’ or ‘stop‘ motion in photos is to use slow shutter speeds. Short shutter speed means that the subject is locked for one short moment. The easiest way to achieve a short shutter speed is to shoot in shutter priority mode. This mode is usually referred to as ‘S’ or ‘TV’. For the maximum effect of stopping time, just select the minimum possible shutter speed. For modern SLR cameras, this shutter speed is usually 1/4000 s or 1/8000 s. In this mode, the time in fractions of a second is set, during which the image will be fixed.

Such a simple method works very well when there is a lot of light and / or when it is possible to use a fast lens. For example, in the image above, ISO 100 and F / 1.8 were enough to get a short shutter speed of 1/800 second and freeze the moth’s flight. But most often it’s not enough light, the lens doesn’t have high aperture. Therefore, to achieve the effect of stopping time, you should increase the ISO values. Continue reading

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