What and how affects the photo?
1. Photographer - the main element during photography. If there weren’t a person, the camera wouldn’t turn on, would not be installed in the correct position near the model or…

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What and how affects the photo?

1. Photographer – the main element during photography. If there weren’t a person, the camera wouldn’t turn on, would not be installed in the correct position near the model or landscape, would not focus and would not take a picture at all. The photographer manages the entire shooting process, he is fully responsible for the shooting process, is responsible for the result, and no go-ahead is acceptable. If someone called himself a photographer, he should be able to take pictures and get excellent results even on a phone, a soap dish and a tin can. And this requires much more than just picking up a camera and pressing a button.

But, of course, a person himself cannot control everything, because the next factor that affects the creation of photography, I will name the external factors.

2. External factors, such as the place of shooting, the mood involved in the shooting, type of shooting and the time allocated for shooting. Let me give you an example: when a photographer shoots his report, he cannot force someone to look exactly where he needs to, or ask him to do something, he can only take moments, look for a good angle. Also, when shooting a landscape, it suddenly starts to rain – the photographer will not be able to get a perfectly blue sky, but he can get a rainy picture. The psychological mood of those involved in the shooting is very strongly affected. It is not always possible to customize and position participants for shooting, or, for example, change the hairstyle of a model. The help of a make-up artist, a well-thought-out idea, etc., very strongly affects art photography. An experienced photographer will be able to squeeze the maximum out of the situation and will never blame such a combination of circumstances.

3. Light is an element of both technical and natural. Light is the key to success. Light – this is what creates the image on the film, or on the matrix, or in extreme cases – gives a summer tan. It’s hard for a photographer without light. The photographer also controls the light – he correctly arranges the participants in the direction of the sun, selects shadows. On the technical side, the photographer uses the flash, even during the day, reflectors, softboxes, creative lighting systems. This is especially true in the studio.

3.1. Assistant photographer. I did not highlight the assistant photographer as a separate item that affects the photo, because the assistant photographer can be attributed more to the photographer who organized the photography, and since the assistant photographer is most often involved in organizing the necessary lighting, the assistant is part of the lighting system. In some cases, an assistant is indispensable. With an assistant, you can get a good photo much faster, and there is always someone to talk to :). Usually, serious shooting involves a lot of people, the so-called team of the photographer. The photographer’s team is also very, very important for creating good shots.

4. Post processing using software (for example, using Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.). It’s no secret that in our time the absorbing part of the photo is digital, and sometimes it requires digital processing. A lot depends on the skills of a photographer or another person to correct a frame using software. Everyone knows that from a soap dish you can “pull out” a photo no worse than from a fancy DSLR. It takes time, skill and strength.
Spoiler: Today, tough post photo processing has become a peculiar scourge of photography. With any, even the most disgusting photo, you can create a ‘masterpiece’, adding a million and one filter :).

5. The lens is an indispensable tool in the hands of any photographer. A well-known proverb is that a photographer buys a lens, and a camera is for change. The lens gives exactly the picture that we see, it creates, warps, complements, works with sharpness, depth of field and other smart things. A lot depends on the speed of its focusing and focal lengths, aperture. Therefore, the lens is so important in photography.

6. The camera. By and large, this is a black (sometimes more glamorous) box, with curtains that sometimes open to apply light to the film, matrix, etc. At what earlier, the film and the camera were also separate. Now so much attention is paid to the camera due to the fact that there is a matrix instead of a film, which has a number of characteristics that many scientists work on and which are discussed by even more people. The camera allows you to simply dock the work of the photographer, lens, flash (light) and save the image on a film or memory card.

7. The printing device. The most-final result of all the attempts of the photographer depends on him. Printers have different print quality, color profiles, this is not an unimportant moment.

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8. Display. Sometimes, I would say, very often the photo does not reach the print and is shown on the display. Of course, the better the display conveys colors and shades, the better the photo will look. Millions of articles have also been written on this subject.

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