Reflections are generated by the light source. However, it should not be displayed in the frame. Consider, for example, a landscape photograph of a small alpine lake reflecting the silhouettes…

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The correct implementation of the technical part of architectural photography should be the primary task of the photographer, although in addition to this, it is also worth experimenting. In this…

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There are different views on what can be called a properly exposed picture. For example, the following wording is most often found: "Each photograph should preserve the entire range of…

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It has become a good tradition to hold New Year’s family photo shoots in studios. Each photo studio prepares for the season and changes the decor for the festive mood, organizes beautiful, winter-like locations that are not like all the others, in order to create the best creative atmosphere for both photographers and visitors.

Studios with New Year’s decorations – you can book now!

We suggest you familiarize yourself with several noteworthy photo studios where you can make vivid and catchy shoots. Readers of our blog are offered discounts on reservations. With the QR10 promo code – 10% discount on online reservations from 1,000 rubles.

Lucky Loft Studios. Bright New Year’s loft with a total area of ​​150 square meters with large windows in each room and high ceilings up to 6 meters. There are three halls in the studio: a bedroom combined with a living room, an office and a kitchen. The whole space is made in the same style – minimal loft with elements of the Scandinavian style hugg.

Come in loft. New Year’s decor in two rooms. There are two New Year’s locations in the Grand Hall: classic with a Christmas tree and unusual with a stork instead of Santa. In the Scandinavian room Hygge – New Year’s decorations with white fur and fabulous plants.

Photo Studio Base. New photo studio with five rooms. In the interior rooms of the West and Pride Christmas decoration. In the Pride room – a snow-white bed with a neon sign; in the hall West – a festive dining area in dark colors. A lot of lights help create an atmospheric mood.

Go home Loft. Two halls with New Year’s decorations in different styles and colors. It is possible to rent a rabbit, jewelry and dresses. Beauty studio and turnkey photo shoot.

SaharaSkyStudio. A cozy New Year’s photo zone with a soft sofa and a fireplace portal, a lot of interesting decor and a live tree! Homemade festive atmosphere.

VG Studio. 470 sq.m of creative space, decorated with New Year decor. Three spacious rooms, large windows (lots of natural light). Ceilings 7 meters. White cyclorama 9 × 6 meters. A dressing room is provided free of charge an hour before rent.

Bright Studio. Great Christmas decorations for family shoots. Bright room – a gentle romantic room with a bathtub, bed, fireplace and balcony.

Prostranstvo. 420 square meters of filming locations, divided into four rooms. The main concept is designer studios with interesting and unique decorations that will be able to be modified so that clients can create their own unique space based on creative and commercial tasks. Christmas decoration in only two rooms: Borasco and Samum.

St brown. This year’s New Year’s interiors in the Loft Hall will be with two Christmas trees! Beauty in soft pastel colors, a harmonious combination of dusty orange, white and blue. Juicy orange sofa with a white cozy blanket to match the Christmas decorations. A large number of stylized gifts! The top of the fireplace with live spruce branches perfectly complement the grandeur of the decoration.

Hall Green. This New Year season, the hall will have a burgundy vintage sofa. And one more plus for photographers: in the studio hall there will be two New Year decorations at once. The second location is a bed, made in soft colors, with a large number of garlands and with soft bears.

Color, juice, party – these are all synonyms of the New Year’s fairy tale in the Indi hall. The decoration is complemented by an installation with voluminous colored balls that bring the spirit of a New Year’s party to the interior.

Look Studios. Multifunctional creative space. The studio has all the conditions for a comfortable pastime. Scenic panoramic views and round-the-clock working hours will allow you to enjoy the inspiring sunsets and sunrises of the capital. Now with New Year’s decorations.

Manufactory (Balashikha). The studio has 2 rooms. Loft Hall and its 2020 New Year decorations are synonymous with solemnity. Hall for special moments of life. Hall Light is light and gentle tones. Best love story and New Year’s Eve. Welcome to the New Year’s decor 2020!

Cranberry. (Odintsovo). Creative space of 120 square meters, consisting of two rooms that can be transformed into one room. Two rooms now have Scandinavian-style Christmas decorations.

Coma Studio. A new photo studio in the metro area Kozhukhovskaya. The Coma White Hall has a classic home decor: a Christmas tree with wooden toys in red and white and gift boxes under it, a fireplace with garlands and festive decoration. The shelf behind the tree is also filled with New Year’s attributes.

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